The Cool Bag

Wearable cooling solution

How Cool Bag Works?

Using solid mini DC power air conditioner system, generate constant liquid circulation cooling experience beneth the jacket.

Fast Cooling

4 hour cooling
experience per battery

Sustainable charging

Stay Cool

Anti heat stroke
Circulating chill flow
instant cooling

Get Heat Away


True cooling system, which has whole components just like an air conditioner.


Using minimized rotary compressor, high efficiency and high reliability.

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All-day Long

8 Hours/ 2 battery

Power supply

A variety of power supplies can meet the needs of different fields.

The rated power of coolbag is 60W. Outdoor use of the micro battery lasts 4 hours. It can also use various power systems: 220V, solar panels, DC 12V/24V.



Solar charging

Use solar panels with energy storage to store excess electricity, which can be used day or night.

Environmental friendly, in line with the ecological philosophy.

Easy to use

Rotate the dial to turn on/ off and adjust the cooling capacity.

Wear the cool bag well and adjust the tightness (the cooling can be better conducted if you adjust the belts a litter tighter).

What’s in the box

cool bag*1

lithium battery*1