Co-Founder Mr Sun started working on the wearable air conditioner device since 2018.

Liyang Company’s
Development History

Liyang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 by its co-founder, Mr. Sun, who started researching wearable air conditioning devices to improve the working conditions of farmers in his hometown and protect them from heatstroke caused by hot weather.

After several years of engineering work and market testing, this groundbreaking product named “Cool Bag” is now ready to capture the market. It has come at a time when hot temperatures and global warming pose an increasing threat to human safety worldwide.

The Cool Bag product line has since expanded to include different models for various purposes such as sports, outdoor activities, and even medical applications. The company’s research and development team continues to enhance its technology, making it more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while ensuring user comfort and convenience.

Liyang innovated and developed the cool bag.


Liyang achieved a milestone by developing portable chiller.


Liyang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. established.