Micro portable air conditioner

  • Micro portable air conditioner can be used in combination with various accessories. This product is equipped with a dual-channel quick plug to connect to the evaporator fan, which can blow cold air and quickly cool down.
  • Connected to a water-cooled vest, it can cool the body of workers with high temperatures. Improve work efficiency and avoid heatstroke.
  • Connected to a liquid-cooled refrigerator, it can freeze beer, drinks and other food items.
  • Used when connected to a water-cooled mattress, it can provide a comfortable and cool sleeping experience
  • This product can meet the needs of different scenarios.


Product Highlights

Refrigeration condition (ambient temperature 40℃)
  • Rated cooling capacity (W):380
  • Rated refrigeration capacity (W):150
  • Maximum input current (A):8≤
  • Circulating water (L/min):2.0
All specifications
  • Rated voltage:DC24V
  • Applicable ambient temperature:-10℃-32℃
  • Refrigerant type:R134a
  • Amount of refrigerant charged:120g
  • Unit weight:3kg
  • Frame material:Aluminum alloy baking paint
  • Unit size:30*22*9.5(cm)