Cool Bag

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The Cool Bag

Wearable cooling solution

The refrigerant pumped by the compressor circulating in the system, take the heat from the body and then back to the compressor. In this way, the colthes works just like an evaporator in air conditioner.


One dial easy contorl

  • Put it on, rotate the dial to turn on/ off.
  • The cooling capacity is also adjusted by this dial

Minimized System

  • Weighs only 300g
  • High efficiency DC variable speed

24V battery pack

  • 24V battery can be charged in 2 hours
  • Battery can be charged outdoor with solar panel

Micro-channel radiator

  • High efficiency and light weight


  • True cooling system, which has whole components just like an air conditioner.
  • Circulating cooling flow, instant cooling
  • Using minimized rotary compressor, high efficiency and high reliability.
  • 4 hour cooling endurance each battery


  1. Rated Voltage: 24V
  2. Cooling or Heating Function: cooling function only
  3. Rated Power: 60W
  4. Rated cooling capacity: 200W
  5. Refrigerant: mixing working medium
  6. Weight: cooling host 2KG; vest 0.6KG; Battery pack: 0.9KG
  7. Compressor Type: high-efficiency inverter compressor

Manuals and Documentation

Operating Manual